The Best Exotic Car Rental Service

Exotic Car Rental of DTLA is a premium car rental service provider of the highest quality luxury and performance vehicles. Our selection of beautiful exotic cars are always expanding offering our clients the latest in car models. We take pride in each vehicle selection we carry, because each car represents the experience a client will have. From speed to luxury, to performance and quality, our fleet is carefully curated to provide you the experience you are looking for. Our services is built on that promise. All our cars are 100% clean, insured, and maintained to all standards of luxury making our cars 100% safe and reliable to assure you will get the best experience possible. We believe since you’re paying for the best, you deserve the best.

Unlike some of our competitors, we own every car you see on our lot. This means we can offer you the best price and experience for your dollar. So contact one of our friendly customer service associates at 213-000-0000 or email us to get the driving experience of a lifetime. We will walk you through every step to make sure satisfaction is guaranteed!

What do we value more than our prized exotic cars?

Customer Service!

Your trust is at the core of our business. You can be sure that when you make a reservation, you will get exactly the car you picked on the date you scheduled for the price we quoted. No hidden fees or hidden clauses. We take pride in our transparency as a company to keep all things open and honest to our customers. Visit our showroom and see for yourself. From all our car offerings, to vehicle inspections, to staff members, everything is an open book policy. You will always get the best in care and service here at Exotic Car Rental of DTLA!